Welcome to “Pharmacy Direct,” a new service established to give Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora the ability to purchase quality medications at affordable low prices. Pharmacy Direct is owned by Apex Pharmacy, a retail compounding pharmacy registered in the United States. It is at Apex Pharmacy where your  prescription orders will be processed and filled using FDA approved medications.  At our pharmacy we work diligently to meet our patients’ high expectations. You can be assured that we will provide quality service and products. A prescription from a registered medical doctor in Zimbabwe, or a doctor registered in the country where you reside, is all that is required to start the process. We encourage our patients to get a prescription with refills that last a year as they will be dispensed every 90 days.  This will cut down on administrative costs and delivery charges. We house a wide range of medications that are not included on our website, and a quotation for these products can be provided upon request.

How to order your medications

Pharmacy Direct will process prescriptions  written for you by a licensed medical doctor. Prescriptions can be received via email or fax.

Pharmacy Direct will require all of your medical details, if you are using our services for the first time. All of your information is safe as it is protected by United States’ privacy laws and will not be shared by anyone, apart from your healthcare provider.

You will be able to identify your tablets/pills when  you receive  them from us using the pill identifier on WEBMD a tool for quality and patient satisfaction.

Contact Pharmacy Direct now to get quality medications at an affordable price